Brazing Rod Square Copper to Copper

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Size: ƒ2 x ℓ500mm(1.0% AG)
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BrazeTec Silfos 94 is a phosphorus-containing, low-melting hard solder with good flow properties. The brazing alloy is suitable for connecting copper with copper or copper-based materials. When soldering copper to copper, there is no need for an additional flux due to the P content. The use of this solder is not permitted for sulphurous media. This solder is not suitable for steels (Fe) and nickel alloys due to brittle phase formation. In the refrigeration industry, BrazeTec Silfos 94 can be used down to temperatures of -50 ° C. It can be used for all flame soldering processes, for induction heating and in a protective gas furnace. Typical areas of application can be found, for example, in installation technology, in the electronics industry and in refrigeration and air conditioning technology. BrazeTec Silfos 94 corresponds in its composition and properties to the specifications of worksheets GW 2 and GW 7 of the DVGW (German Gas and Water Association). It bears the DVGW test mark (DW-0105CL0476) and the quality mark of the Gütegemeinschaft Kupferrohr eV
3.0mm 28pcs/kg

ISO 17672 CuP 179
din EN 1044 CP 203
Composition [% by weight] Cu balance; P 6.2
Permissible contamination max. [% By weight] Al 0.01; Bi 0.030; Cd 0.01; Pb 0.025; Zn 0.05; Zn + Cd 0.05
Total contamination max. [% By weight] 0.25
Melting range approx. 710-890 ° C
Working temperature approx. 760 ° C
density approx. 8.1 g / cm³
Tensile strength according to din EN 12797 approx. 250 MPa of Cu
strain approx. 5%
Operating temperature of the solder joint Max. 150 ° C (without loss of strength)
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