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Stone Sealer Nova 02

Stone Sealer Nova 02

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Color: Clear
Sheen/Gloss level

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A UV resistant, solvent-based sealer that enhances the natural colour of the surface and provides an attractive clear finish for slasto and other porous stone surfaces. Helps prevent powdering and dirt penetration, making cleaning easier.

Suitable For Use On:
• Porous interior and exterior surfaces e.g. slasto, rosestone, coloured stone, crazy paving.

Not Suitable For Use On:
• Slate
• Quarry tiles
• Non-porous surfaces
• Damp surfaces
• Surfaces which have been previously sealed or waxed
• Pool area surrounds, as surfaces coated may become slippery when wet

Finish                        : Matt or Gloss
Drying Time              : Matt: ±20-30 minutes
                                   : Gloss: ±2-3 hours
Re-coating Time        : Matt: ±1 hour
                                   : Gloss: ±4h our
Spread Rate              : Smooth Surfaces: 6-8m²/lt 
                                     Rough Surfaces: 3-4m²/lt
Special Precautions : Nova 2 Matt may not be applied over Nova 2 Gloss and vice versa
Clean Up                    : Nova 11 Brush Cleaner & Degreaser

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