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Compression UniTwist Tee

Compression UniTwist Tee

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  • The WOW Factor means even Scratched or Damaged Pipe can be Sealed.
  • UniTwist fittings are Re-Usable.
  • Easy and Simple to Install as only standard tools are needed for installations.
  • Long-lasting PP-R has a Service Iife in Excess of 50 Years.
  • Resistant to both high temperatures and pressures.
  • Fast connections can be carried out in two easy steps - insert and tighten.
  • Efficient thanks to quick installation time - up to 80% Faster than traditional systems.
  • Durable UniTwist is not affected by Corrosion and helps prevent lime scale build up.
  • Security Do your Installation, commission once done, and Tighten the Nut if necessary.
  • UniTwist is Compatible with both multi and mono layer pipes like PEX, PP-R, PP, CPVC, copper and any pipe with imperial or metric outer diameters. We currently have 15mm, 16mm, 20mm and 22mm sizes with more sizes to follow. The SABS and your guarantee is on the system -  Unitwist pipe and fittings together.
  • UniTwist has NO "Street Value" and therefore No Theft incentive which leads to less water wastage.
  • Economical Cost of installation (Materials and Time) is far less than other Systems.
  • Fittings are made from PP-R making them fully Recyclable.
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