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Domestic Lift Station is a small, compact automatic lift station suitable for pumping of wastewater off
places in private dwellings where wastewater
cannot be led directly to the sewer by means of
a natural down-ward slope. It is using the
patented technology for unique structure to
improve the reliability and service life.

The WL600A /B tank made of light plastic material with an easy -to-clean surface. Installed correctly, the WL600A/B is maintenance-free. WL600A/B has two connections besides the toilet connection.

A cutters system chops up objects in the wastewater entering the tank through the toilet connect ion.
WL600A/B equipped with a level switch for automatic start and stop of the pump. See s tart and
stop levels in Technical data.
The tank vented through a carbon filter in the vent valve in the top cover. If necessary, it can be
connected to a vent pipe through the vent hole that drilled a hole on the cover of vent valve to exhaust
to outdoor.

WL600A /B typically used for:
Toilets and washbasins in a basement which below sewer level and; Toilets and washbasins installed in connection with the renovation or modernization of existing buildings, where the location may be remote from the main soil pipe so that a natural slope cannot be established. WL600A/B is only suitable for pumping wastewater from a washbasin as well as sewage water from a toilet containing toilet paper and feces. The pumping of liquids containing other material may cause faults and limit the scope of our guarantee.

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