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Permanent Magnetic Brushless Motor Inverter Booster


Introduction of Inverter Booster BHL:

BHL series permanent magnetic brushless motor speed variable inverter booster water pumps, adopts advanced permanent magnetic brushless motor, advanced electronic control technology, high precision and reliable pressure sensor, advanced multistage pump design with centrifugal type impeller, real realization of intelligent frequency conversion and constant pressure water supply.


Operating Limits of Inverter Booster Pumps

Firstly: Thin, clean, non-condensation, non-flammable,
non-explosive, without solid particles or fibers liquid.
Secondly: The volume ratio of solid impurities: not more than 0.1%
Further: Max. solid size: 0.2mm
And: liquid temperature: 70℃
Moreover: Ambient temperature: 0℃ to 40 ℃
And: PH valve: 6.5 to 8.5
In addition: relative humidity: 85%

Great 9 Main Advantages of this Inverter Booster

Low noise level:
centrifugal type impeller, noise level less than 50 db(A).

Supper suction head:
max. suction head up to 9m within 2 minutes.
Intelligent and efficient constant pressure water supply.
High efficiency and energy-saving: Grade IE4 motor,
the average energy saving is more than 30% compared
with the same power asynchronous motor.

Environment friendly:
electronic automatic control technology,
no need water tank and tower.

Easy operation:
power on and setting the required pressure
on the control panel, that is all what you have to setting.

No crash and low maintenance:
pumps with centrifugal type impeller,
no crash happen, all the faults displayed on the screen by error codes.

Wide Voltage:
180 V to 250 V could be used,
(110 V available for optional upon request).
With dry-run, over-load, blocked protection,
anti-block by every 12 hours running a few seconds.

5 Main Applications:

Our inverter booster pumps cover following main application:

Firstly: Domestic water supply and pressure boosting
Secondly: Industrial water supply, boosting and circulation
Further: Cooling system
Moreover: Air conditioning system
In addition: Commercial water supply and pressure boosting system

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