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Glue Devil

Tape Double Sided Auto

Tape Double Sided Auto

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Double Sided Foam Tapesare high performance tapes with a crosslink acrylic adhesive, which seal against light dust and moisture. GlueDevil Foam Tapes are dimensionally stable and will not ooze, drip, or slip while under compression. GlueDevil Foam Tapes can be used on rough surfaces and on applications requiring resistance to extreme temperatures, or where long term aging characteristics are vital.

Polyethylene (PE) Foam Tape

Light foam, strong double-sided tape, with blue liner.
White foam (1.5mm or 3mm thick)
Black Foam (0.8mm thick) (badge-mount/beading tape)

Polyurethane (PU) White Foam Tape (Norton)

Specialised closed-cell* PU tape. (*no water can get through)
Heavier, denser foam, double-sided tape, with blue liner.
White foam (1.6mm or 3mm thick)
Black Foam (0.8mm thick)

Application & Uses

GlueDevil Foam Tapes can be used in a wide variety of applications such as: Mirrors, Vehicle number plates, Name plates, Signage, Arts & crafts industry, eg: scrapbooking, etc. Furniture, Appliances Moulded plastics, Displays, Automotive.


Although our Polyethylene Tapes look a lot like the cheaper EVA foam tapes available in the market, PE foam tapes are of a far higher quality and spec and one must not confuse the two as there is one major difference between them - ie: EVA Foam tapes are not weather resistant and will crumble with sun exposure.

**Good adhesion of our Double-sided Tape is dependent on the preparation and quality of the substrate's surface the tape is adhering to. For instance, if tape is to be applied to a painted wall, the tape adhesion is only as strong as the paint adhesion to the wall.

Handy Hints

For larger size mirrors, we recommend that silicone & fastners be used inconjunction with the double-sided tape.

Important Notes

GlueDevil PE & PU Foam tapes offer: Excellent adhesion grip**, Great weather resistance, Rain and water resistance, UV Resistance (sun exposure), Higher temperature resistance.

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